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License / Right to Visit or Use this Website is pleased to provide you with the right to visit or use this website with limited access / license which also doesn’t allow you to download or modify this website or any section of it. Until and unless we give the written acceptance, you are not authorized to engage yourself in any kind of business oriented activity such as usage, sale, resale copy, duplication or make a replica of this website or any contents of it, usage of Logos or Trademarks or other information such as Texts, Images, Page Designs, Forms, Programs, Hidden Texts or Meta Tags used by or related to this website or its business associates, any collection, copying or downloading of account details or product details such as costs, contents and other illegal activities such as usage of robotically programmed software and data mining tools for data extraction with the intention of endorsing commercial benefit of other business entity or group. If we find anything suspicious or illegal activity or even any such intention to do so by any user of this website, we undoubtedly enjoy the authority to cancel the right or limited license which we give you to visit or use this website.

User’s Account

Whenever you use your computer and visit, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety and security of your account and password and whatever actions performed by your account, are the liabilities of yours. We also sell the products for children and they can visit or use this website but only adults are allowed to carry out the procedure of purchasing the products. We have the complete authority to terminate your account, deny any kind of service or cancel your order any time if we feel that it would be appropriate to do so.

Authenticity of the Products provides the best of its efforts to ensure that the products are delivered as they are presented on the website, but sometimes the product may vary a little due to local customs and availability of the materials. This may happen without taking any prior consent from the customers. puts its best effort to provide the product information or contents as precise as possible but we cannot guaranty that the product description or the specification or the classification and the other contents of the website are latest or error free because all the products are manufactured and delivered by the third party merchants. Even though we have allowed some third party merchants to show their links on our website, open online shops and sell products on this website, we cannot give you any guaranty for those products nor are we liable for scrutiny or assessment of the products or the services or even the contents of the websites owned by these third party individuals or business merchants. We try our best to provide the accurate and latest information about our products but sometimes that information might be found incorrect or outdated due to the wrong information provided by our vendors and suppliers. All the visitors and users of this website are requested to inform us if any kind of wrong information shown on our website comes to their notice. The price of all the products which have MRP limit, are shown on our website only after including the service, online transaction and shipping costs. You will realize that due to the obvious commercial and technical reason, we cannot show you all the costs details.

Transaction of Money

It is conditional that every product delivery is dependent on the confirmation and authorization of the Credit Card owned by the customer. In case the delivery is complete and yet we still haven’t got the payment from the customer, we would inform and serve the notice period to the customer and we might procure the payment from the recipient within the due time. We might charge additional money to the customer if we have attempted the delivery but couldn’t be succeeded because we have found that the address of the recipient which had been provided by the customer was either incomplete or incorrect.

Time of Delivery

If the processing of the Credit Card gets delayed or due to any other unavoidable circumstance such as some delay on the part of shipping company the delivery gets delayed, we reserve the right to make the delivery on the next possible date without taking any consent from the customer with an aim to make the delivery without loss of time in communication. We shall also be unable to alter the order or any part of the order on the day before the delivery date.

Force Majeure shall be excused from performance under this Terms of Use if or any licensed third party is prevented, forbidden or delayed from performing or omits to perform any act or requirement under this Terms of Use where such failure is a result of an Act of Nature beyond the control of

Right to Deny the Delivery owns the right to deny the delivery of any order without specifying any reason; however, full refund of money is assured to the customer in such a case.

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All the visitors and users are welcomed to submit their reviews, comments, suggestions, feedbacks or queries about or any content of it. But you have to make sure that your reviews or comments are genuine and not abusive, unlawful, hostile, derogatory, interference with privacy, disobeying the intellectual property rights, detrimental or offensive to any third party nor do they circulate computer viruses, political messages, business entreaty, chain letters, bulk emails which are usually considered as spam. All kinds of usage of fake email accounts or names, representing any other individual or group or misleading to any false location or source, are strictly prohibited. and its associates also retain the non-exclusive and royalty-free right of using the reviews and comments with same names, publishing, translating, spreading, replicating and showing all the reviews and comments on all kinds of media networks around the world. You are accountable and liable to whatever you have posted as reviews or comments on our website and if such reviews or comments end up disturbing somebody else and thus that person or entity wants us to face the consequence holding us responsible for your reviews or comments. We are not to be blamed or hold answerable for any content of your reviews or comments nor do we have the time or intention to analyze the reviews or comments time and again but if we find such one, we have the right to modify or remove it.

Disclaimer of Warranty and Liability

We provide all kinds of products, items, contents or information based on “As Available” and “As Is” in and that disclaims any kind of precise or implicit warranty. We have no responsibility for any kind of harmful virus or computer damage that result from any kind of downloading from our website or the emails which are sent by this website. All the users of this website shall follow the agreement not to indemnify or make this website and its associates liable for any kind of damages including direct, indirect, secondary or subsequent damages or loss of profits or other expenses including legal expenditures caused by using or not using this website. We may change or withdraw any terms and conditions, products, contents or any other features any time at our own free will.

Unintended Human Errors, Cancellations, Claims and Refunds

We are not responsible for any unintended human errors unless the gift basket delivered is completely wrong. This is done in good faith but in the due course of business, mistakes such as message card misplaced, wrong message, sender’s name not mentioned or wrongly mentioned etc. are bound to happen despite best of attention, though very rare. No refund in such cases be claimed by the customer but we do try and correct the wrong to the best of our ability. We will refund the paid amount only if a completely wrong gift basket is delivered or the customer asks to cancel the order before we ship it. In no circumstance any damage or other claim will be entertained or accepted.

Jurisdiction of Laws

These terms and conditions must be governed without citation of the code of “conflicts of laws” and in accordance with the local laws as per the address of Registered Office of this Company. No universal laws such as U.N. Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods shall be applicable on the conflicts of interests between this company and its associates with any person or third party whosoever wants to take the matter to further to the rule of laws. Every user agrees to comply with these terms and conditions before visiting or accessing this website.

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