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A Variety of Dried Fruits and Nuts


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Description :

This delicious assortment of nuts and dried fruits makes a thoughtful and tasty thank-you gift for friends, family, and coworkers. Pistachios, almonds, and giant cashews, among others, will be freshly roasted and salted for your giftees delectation. Rich Deglet Noor dates, sweet prunes, supple Bartlett pear halves, sweet and chewy Royal Rosa dried plums, tender Turkish apricots, and candied kiwi slices are only some of the naturally sweet dried fruit that balances these salty nuts in this wonderful and healthful present.

The Gift contains:
Deglet Nooor Dates
Bartlett Pear Halves
Royal Rosa Dried Plums
Turkish Apricots
Candied Kiwi Slices

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