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Basket Stuffed With Baked Goods


Earliest Delivery : Thursday, March 30, 2023

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Delivery Location: All over USA except Hawaii.

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Description :

Indulging in tasty treats is something we all look forward to, but its even better when we get to share them with those we care about. Treats from gift baskets are frequently consumed by guests at a get-together or used as a part of the hospitality extended to those closest to the recipient. The baked goods in this basket have the power to bring people together, making this present feel very heartfelt.

The gift consists of:
Chocolate Brownies w/Chocolate Chips (7pc)
Blondie Brownies w/Chocolate Chips (7pc)
Coffee Brownies w/Chocolate Chips (7pc)
Cookie Butter Cake (7pc)
Lemon Cake (7pc)
Raspberry Cake (7pc)
Cookie w/Raspberry Filling (6pc)
Cookie w/Hazelnut Filling (4pc)
Cookie w/Lemon Filling (6pc)
Cookie w/Chocolate Finning (4pc)
Oatmeal Cookie (3pc)
Chocolate Chip Cookie (7pc)
White Chocolate Chip Cranberry Cookie (7pc)
Brownie w/Chocolate Chip Cookie (7pc)

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