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Dessert Event Is A Freebie Hamper


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Our one-of-a-kind Bakery Bonanza Gift Basket boasts a delicious assortment of baked goodies delivered in a classic galvanized bucket. The bread, cookies, and brownies in this gift basket are both tasty and visually stunning, making it perfect for putting together a well-rounded gift for any occasion. The product package contains: Chocolate Brownies w/Chocolate Chips (7pc) Blondie Brownies w/Chocolate Chips (7pc) Coffee Brownies w/Chocolate Chips (7pc) Cookie Butter Cake (7pc) Lemon Cake (7pc) Raspberry Cake (7pc) Cookie w/Raspberry Filling (6pc) Cookie w/Hazelnut Filling (6pc) Cookie w/Lemon Filling (6pc) Cookie w/Chocolate Finning (6pc) Oatmeal Cookie (6pc) Chocolate Chip Cookie (6pc) White Chocolate Chip Cranberry Cookie (6pc) Brownie w/Chocolate Chip Cookie (6pc)

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